3x2, PWP, for trixie_chick
's birthday 2007

“How did it feel?” Trowa’s voice was throaty. “The first kiss?”

Duo raised an eyebrow. “Well… it felt good.” Almost as an afterthought, he added, “Of course it did.”

Trowa frowned. His hand tightened on Duo’s arm and he leant in more closely against his lover. The mattress creaked quietly beneath the combined weight of their bodies. “That doesn’t follow. Sometimes it’s…” His eyes flickered over Duo’s face: rested on his mouth. It was slightly parted; damp with moisture. “Sometimes it’s awkward,” he added, softly.

Duo started to smile. “Yeah, it was that, I suppose. But it was still good.”

Trowa smiled, too, a lazy, sensual movement of his mouth. “Tell me.”

Duo frowned. “What do you mean? You want details?” A loose lock of his hair lay free from its braid, twitching against his cheekbone as he spoke. Trowa’s gaze followed the movement. He raised his hand and stroked the hair, then tucked it gently back behind Duo’s ear.

He nodded. “I want details.”

Duo shrugged. It was the easy, graceful movement of an athlete’s body: it caused the thin, crumpled sheet to slip even further down his legs. He yawned. “Now?”

Trowa shifted very slightly, but enough to nudge his hip further over the other man’s. Their skin was sticky with sweat: the bare flesh clung possessively. “Of course I do,” he murmured, mockingly.

Duo gave a soft grunt of pleasure. He stroked his hand against Trowa’s body, running fingertips along the strong muscles of his torso. “It was some time ago, you understand? I may not remember the specifics.”

Trowa lowered his head to Duo’s shoulder and nipped at the taut skin.

Duo winced. “So, my memory returns. It was a hot day. I was working in the machine room, and there’s damned little air conditioning in there at the best of times.” He yawned again, and arched his back. “Overtime sucks.” Trowa’s lips were trailing over his ribcage: it almost tickled. Duo smirked. “You do that, too. Suck. And you being such a man of action, not talk…?”

Trowa shook his head, his hair brushing over Duo’s nipple. It tightened up, a hard, brown nub. “Talk first. I want to hear.”

Duo groaned half-heartedly. “The shirt had to come off, I was too hot. I mean, I was still decent, undershirt and all. I could see him watching me, though. His eyes followed me, all the way from peeling it off, all the way to reaching over the table for my bottle of water…” He felt Trowa tense up against him. “Yeah, even as I swallowed the water – wiped the stray drops from my chin.” Duo moved his legs on the bed, stretching the muscles of his thighs. “I knew then.”


“He wanted me. Wanted to touch me. Fuck me.”

Trowa frowned, though his head was moving its way down Duo’s body and the expression in his eyes was hidden. “You're an arrogant bastard.”

Duo grinned, unfazed. “Doesn’t mean I’m wrong, does it? He followed me out of the building that night, down into the parking lot when I know he usually takes the side exit to the station.”

Trowa sighed. The soft breath hissed over Duo’s navel, and he clenched the muscles of his belly in reaction. “Aah, Tro, this is some kind of masochism, isn’t it? Why don’t we just move on…

“No.” Trowa’s voice was sharp. “I must hear.”

Duo grunted again. “I didn’t even get in the car before he caught me up. I didn’t even get to exchange names and cell numbers.”

“You didn’t need to,” murmured Trowa. His tongue lapped thoughtfully at the gentle swell of flesh under Duo’s belly. His fingers gripped at Duo’s hip, though not painfully.

“No,” sighed Duo. “Guess not. Plenty of time for giving personnel file details later on. For then, all we wanted was…” Trowa had fallen silent: Duo could hear the catch in his lover’s breath, and he smiled to himself. “All we wanted was to touch: to discover: to take.”

Which… you did?” It may or may not have been a question – Trowa’s tone was so very quiet that Duo wasn’t entirely sure.

“Uh-huh,” he murmured. “We did.” The memory was very vivid in his mind, mingling with the sharp sensations from the touch of the body currently beside him. The desire coiled deeply in his groin: his cock stirred eagerly. “I pushed him back against the car door: I wanted to feel him, the shape of him, the strength of him. I wanted his body against my own - wanted to see if his heart was beating as fast as mine, to see if his dick was hard against his belly like mine, wanted to see if he tasted as good as he looked. All that suppressed aggression in his limbs – that sleepy sexiness in his eyes while he watched me.”

Trowa gasped, as if for a second he’d found it difficult to draw breath.

“That was the first time I kissed him,” whispered Duo. His own breath was dangerously tight in his chest. He rolled back towards Trowa, his knee nudging between the other man’s thighs. He could feel the warm trail of pre-cum on his belly, and a similar damp caress on his thigh from Trowa’s own arousal. Trowa’s fingers had tightened their grip on him.

“Yeah, it was awkward.” Duo smiled at the remembrance. “You know how it is? You don’t know which way the other guy’s head is going to go – you don’t know his height well enough that first time. Maybe he wants to touch first, then tongues – or maybe he wants to suck out your soul from the word go.” Trowa’s hand had slipped down his leg, reaching between his thighs. He instinctively let his legs fall apart: his balls shifted in anticipation of the fondling. “It still felt damned good.”

“Good enough for more?”

Duo moaned softly as Trowa’s fingers cupped him. “Yeah. Of course it did. I wanted to fuck him then and there. I wanted to bend him back over the hood, unzip him fast and suck him down my throat. I wanted to see the shadows on his skin, feel the muscles clench on the inside of his thighs. I wanted to see if he tasted as rich as his lips did – to see if he went as deep into me as the need in his eyes.”

“Shit.” Trowa was whispering too, now. His body was shuddering, his skin slippery against Duo’s. His lips were wet with saliva, opening wide to mouth around Duo’s balls, his tongue flickering along the underside of Duo’s cock. He was panting softly.

Duo was panting, too, arching desperately into the touch, his own mouth dry with desire and his hand reaching hungrily to guide his lover’s head. “He wanted it too, just as badly, just as fiercely. I could feel it in him. He slid his hand around the back of my neck and gripped me like that was the only thing holding us both on the earth. He was rock hard: he ground up against me and kissed back like he needed to be inside me – like he needed me to taste into his heart.”

Trowa’s voice was the mere thread of a moan. “Impossible to tell that… from just a kiss.”

“Just a kiss?”
Duo laughed. “I think not. It was good enough to make me wish he’d fuck me in return. Made me wish he’d push me on to the concrete floor of the parking lot, face down, keeping me there with his knee in the small of my back. Made me wish he’d wrench down my pants and underwear, hoist me back up on to my hands and knees, and push his fingers into me, greedy and impatient, probing me, forcing me to cry out for him; for his cock; for more.”

Trowa had rolled him on to his side, facing away, pushing his upper leg forward so that he could reach his asshole with fingers and tongue. Duo sucked in a breath as the firm lips puckered around him, licking at him, sucking at him. His entrance flexed hungrily, and the tip of Trowa’s tongue stabbed at it, wet and hot.

“Have you stopped listening?” Duo panted. His fist slicked around his cock, pumping himself, his flesh straining to feel the imprint of Trowa’s hands, his nerves begging for the man’s response. “Can we stop the storytelling now?”

Trowa laughed softly. The vibration rippled across the skin of Duo’s ass. “You haven't told me how it ended…”

Duo snorted. “You know.” His other hand gripped the sheet beneath him, creasing it up. "Tro...please..."

“Tell me, even so,” hissed Trowa, his teeth scraping over the skin of Duo’s back, his fingers prising his buttocks open almost reverently.

Duo sighed and smiled, his body sweaty and shaking, his heart racing with excitement. “You were there - you know what happened. Basically, you chickened out of fucking me in the parking lot which was probably wise, bearing in mind all the CCTV cameras, and the grief it’d have given my oh-so-sensitive knees.” He chuckled, but he sounded breathless, too. “Instead, we broke for air and smoothed out our clothing, and all the other crap guys do, pretending we could keep our hands off each other. You suggested we went for a drink and got to know each other better. Then I laughed, and you kissed me some more – a hell of a lot more – and we went back to my place for the drink, instead.”

The first kiss…” murmured Trowa. His cock nudged at Duo’s entrance, blunt and damp and needy. Then he paused.

Duo was puzzled. He wriggled his ass back, emphasising his eagerness. Tro?”

It felt good, you said.” There was an unusual break in Trowa’s voice.

Duo nodded. Yeah, Trowa's tone was unusual – but not unknown. He spoke softly. “I knew it would. I never doubted that.”

Trowa’s mouth shaped a kiss into the nape of his neck. Duo nuzzled back against it, and gasped as Trowa pushed into him. “Felt good, yeah,” he groaned. He released his own aching erection and reached back with a wet palm to tug Trowa closer in against him.

Feels good,” he whispered. And grinned.

“It always does.”