By trixie

1x2, lemon



He watched Duo's ass all through Aching Vessels, the way his hips moved and the leather caught the light... great fucking view. During Forgotten Echo, Duo ripped his shirt off, and swung his braid around, sending the crowd into a pre-orgasmic state of bliss. During Breaking Heaven, Duo jumped down to the floor and went to where the metal posts were set up to tantalize the crowd. Heero watched, sliding through some chords sloppily, giving the evil eye to every girl who got her filthy hands on Duo's braid, keeping an eye on the guy who tried to crush the people in front of him to get to Duo.

After the second encore, Heero followed Duo off the stage. After a show like that, Heero knew just what to expect. As soon as they were out of the lights and out of the view of anyone in the audience, Duo crumpled, like his strings had been cut. Heero grabbed onto him, and pulled him aside. They could still hear the crowd as they started to mill out. He opened Duo's pants, and pushed his hands in, taking Duo's cock. That gorgeous voice, which had been bewitching the thousands, was now for him and him alone as he stroked Duo, soft and gentle at first, until Duo was writhing against him, and then he sped up the pace, using his other hand to fondle Duo's balls, using his teeth to hold Duo close to him...

It was like a pounding drum line. It wasn't long before Duo just crashed back against him, wailing softly.

"You'll have to carry me now," Duo mumbled, smiling.

Heero licked his hand clean. Like he minded