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For sharon’s birthday *HUGS*

Trowa peered out through the spyhole in the apartment door into the hallway outside. “He’s here again.”

Same time every day,” murmured Quatre from the hallway behind him.

Trowa nodded. “He’s persistent, I’ll give him that.”

Quatre bit his lip. “What shall we tell Duo? There’s the risk of seriously disturbing him.”

Trowa straightened up and shrugged. “I know. He’s fragile. He may not be able to cope with this situation. Strong emotions – physical stress…”

“All we can do is be here for him.” Quatre sighed and stepped up closer to Trowa. He slipped an arm around Trowa’s waist and nuzzled into his neck. “You’re such a compassionate guy, Trowa.”

Trowa sucked in a breath of pleasure and leant his head back against Quatre’s. “You’re the sensitive one, Quatre, but with you beside me…”

“You’re both obscene, you should get a room,” said Duo, walking past them. “And stop talking about me as if I’m not here.”

Trowa chuckled and Quatre smirked. They stepped to one side, but stayed there as Duo went to open the door.

“And?” he glared at them, pointedly. “You’ll be getting lost…when?”

Quatre raised an eyebrow. “We’re here for you, Duo. We understand your hostility is a cover for your insecurity.”

“Fuck off,” said Duo, though mildly.

“Thank you for sharing,” said Trowa.

Duo rolled his eyes and opened the door. Heero stepped inside. His eyes met Duo’s and he smiled. Duo smiled back. His hand brushed against Heero’s, then he pulled him in for a welcome kiss on the lips.

Quatre made a soft sound of pleasure.

Heero broke away, glancing across at the other two men. “Still hanging around, huh?”

“We’re just caring friends,” said Trowa, whose eyes were unusually bright.

“Voyeurs,” growled Duo.

“That, too,” said Quatre, cheerfully. His hand had slipped back around Trowa’s waist. He squeezed, gently.

“Come through to my room,” Duo said to Heero. “Sorry about the piles of trash around here. I’ll put them out later.”

Quatre stuck his tongue out at him, until he caught Trowa’s gaze. His tongue darted back into his mouth and he flushed. Trowa’s eyes were on Quatre’s mouth and he smirked.

Heero frowned at them, but his eyes were amused. “Don’t you have some porn you could watch instead of harassing your roomie and me? You’re hovering in the hallway every time I call. How’s a guy meant to feel relaxed about his courting when his boyfriend’s friends are watching every move?”

Quatre’s grin was wide. Every move? Can we?”

“Don’t mind us,” added Trowa.

“Go!” Duo snarled at them, and his eyes were considerably less amused. “The joke’s over.” He glanced at Heero and despite his annoyance, his expression softened. “Don’t mind them. That’s the first good thing Barton’s said today.”

“It’s okay,” Heero said to him, gently. He reached out a hand and cupped Duo’s chin. “It doesn’t affect how I feel about you – what I want to do to you.”

Duo’s pupils dilated, suddenly.

Quatre whimpered. “You get that, Trowa?”

Trowa nodded. “Guess Maxwell’s coping okay with the strong emotions…”

“…and the physical stress,” Quatre added, his eyes flickering up and down Duo’s jeans and coming to rest at Duo’s gently swelling crotch.

Heero smiled. He leant forward and slid his other hand around Duo’s neck. Then he tugged Duo closer and kissed him again, right in front of the others. This time, Heero tilted his head so that they fit neatly together, and the kiss was more enthusiastic. Harder. Deeper. Duo’s eyes closed and his back arched slightly. His fingers scrabbled at the fabric of Heero’s shirt and the only sound was the soft sucking of eager tongues.

Quatre was flushed. Trowa bit his lip.

Duo was the first to break, his mouth still ghosting for Heero’s and his hands stroking Heero’s arms. He was panting softly. “You think that was enough?”

Heero looked dazed. “No.”

Duo smiled, slowly and warmly. “Me neither. I want you. Badly. Soon.”

It was Trowa’s turn to whimper.

Heero nodded. His eyes drifted from Duo’s eyes down to his lips, then back up again. “Ditto. Very badly.” He ran a hand slowly down the front of Duo’s chest, then paused at his waist.

Quatre was heard to catch his breath.

“So…” said Duo. “My room?” He took Heero’s hand and they started off down the corridor into the apartment.

Quatre fell over Trowa’s heels as they tumbled after them. Duo opened the door to his room and went in, but Heero halted outside. So did the others. Heero turned around to look at them.

Trowa blushed. “Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. I’m sorry. Guess it was a joke too far.”

Quatre was nodding vigorously. “Sorry, too. Of course we wouldn’t really… you know. Intrude on your personal space. Interrupt your private relationship.”

“Spy on our sex life?” added Heero, helpfully.

“What do you think we are?” protested Trowa. Quatre came up close behind him as if looking for mutual protection. They stood gazing indignantly at Heero, their bodies tense.

Duo came back out of his room with his jacket. “Let’s go, then.”

“Huh?” Quatre frowned.

“We’re going to mine,” said Heero, pointedly. “To my apartment. Where we can be private. Where we can do what we like without one or other of you wanting to know what we’re up to all the time. Without interrupting us periodically with cups of tea, interesting articles in the newspaper, or calls from important people in the government who have mysteriously hung up when we actually get to the phone.”

Trowa coughed, self-consciously.

“But you’re both so cute,” sighed Quatre. “We just like to see you together. We’re pleased you found each other. We want this courtship to go well…”

“It will,” said Heero, firmly. “In private. That’s where we’ll relax and share our free time – where we’ll enjoy each other’s company.”

Duo was nodding beside him. “Where we’ll f-”

Quatre’s eyes couldn’t get much wider or his eyebrows much higher.

Duo snickered. “Where we’ll find out about each other, is what.” He hitched his jacket over his shoulder and walked to the front door with Heero. His hand brushed possessively at Heero’s ass as he went.

Trowa glanced at Quatre.

Quatre was moving back up the corridor, calling, “I can call a cab -”

“Don’t bother,” Heero called over his shoulder, grinning. “Don’t come visit me, today or tomorrow. Maybe for the rest of the week.”

He’s got a king-sized mattress,” smirked Duo. “And a soundproofed bedroom.”

Heero grinned back at him, eyes sparkling. “And an extra-strong headboard.”

Both laughing, they left the apartment, slamming the door behind them.

Trowa coughed again. “Of course, that now means…”

“We’ve got the place to ourselves?” came Quatre’s voice. He peered out from inside Trowa’s room. He didn’t appear to be wearing any clothes and parts of him looked very excited about the fact. “I thought they’d never go! So come and show me who’s the sensitive one now!”