For Leslie’s birthday 2008




Heero Yuy leaned against the desk, and watched as the door to his office swung tightly closed behind the last retreating student of the day.  He pushed his dark, messy hair off his damp forehead and sighed aloud. 


“We were never that young.”


Duo Maxwell glanced back over his shoulder at the other man.  He was standing by the well-stocked bookcase, where he was trying fruitlessly to force a thick text book into the place where a slim notebook had been. 


“Yes we were.”  His eyes narrowed for a moment and he grinned to himself.  Dammit, we were.  Even younger – at least when we started.”


Heero shook his head, but he was smiling too.  “It’s good you found time to come and observe the class, even if just for a while.  You saw the way Barker approached that weekend project on infiltration?”


“The same way he approaches you, Heero.”  Duo’s voice was wry.  “With sheer terror.”


“And Newman, with those ideas about circumventing the safety circuit on thermonuclear devices…”


“In that case, the terror was all mine,” sighed Duo.  He abandoned the textbook, leaving it on a nearby table, and wandered over to stand behind Heero.  “So how’s the day been, Professor?  As good as mine in the gym?  I bet you didn’t have a student who tripped three others on the track, or one who embraced hand to hand combat so enthusiastically he sprained both thumbs.”


Heero laughed, then lifted off his glasses and pressed at the bridge of his nose.  Duo pursed his lips and put his hands gently on Heero’s shoulders.  He started to massage the knot of tension in Heero’s neck.


“How do you know that?”  Heero murmured, instinctively nuzzling up into Duo’s touch.  “Every time.  You know just where to press; just where the pain is worst.”


Duo nudged against the side of Heero’s face.  “Practice, oh tense one.  How many nights have you kept me back after school to massage you, just like this?”


“Too many,” muttered Heero.  “I wasn’t sure, you know, whether this was a good thing to do.  To transfer into teaching.  I mean, we both had plenty of years left out in the field.  We’ve both kept fit, we’re up to date on all the technology.  It’s perfectly credible we should still go on missions in our forties…”


Duo cleared his throat loudly.


“I’m three months younger than you.” Heero frowned and flushed.


Duo grinned and nodded.  “So you’ll be fifty after Christmas, instead of this month.  Maybe you need your maths checked out, Prof.  You seem to have mislaid a few years along the way.”


Heero sighed.  He leaned back against Duo, as if savoring the warmth of the other man’s body against him.  “Crap.  I can’t be that age.  I feel just the same as I did when I was a student.”


Duo stopped the massage, but still held Heero’s shoulders.  He dropped his head to rest it in the crook of Heero’s neck.   “Me too.  Well, apart from the ache in my left knee, and the way my ears can’t cope with the noise in your classroom for longer than an hour, and the eternal mystery of why every agent looks like they’ve just climbed out of rompers.”


“And my less than 20-20 vision,” grunted Heero.  “And the gray hairs on my chest.”


“And up your nose,” murmured Duo, gleefully.


Heero grunted again.  He twisted around until he faced Duo, their mouths inches apart.  The air between them was warm.  “It’s been a good time.  All of it.  All the years, because they’ve been with you.”


Duo’s eyes widened and sparkled brightly.  “Aw.  I thought I was the guy with the words?”


“I don’t have many,” said Heero.  “But they’re all for you.  And I mean every one of them.”


“Heero.”  Duo’s eyes were sparkling, but because of moisture in them now.  “This feeling’s the same as when we were teenagers, right?  Just as strong.  Dammit, even stronger, in my out-to-pasture-jock opinion.”


Heero nodded.  “I concur – in my aged, almost-retired Prof’s opinion, that is.”  He reached up and ran his hand through Duo’s hair, letting the shoulder-length chestnut waves slide between his fingers.  “Sometimes I wish you’d kept the braid.”


Duo nodded.  His eyes had dropped to Heero’s mouth, as if watching the words come out.  “Not practical, really.  Not on the track, nor in the lab.  And I just didn’t feel it looked as good on a guy my age.  Not sexy, you know?”


Heero leaned even nearer and slid a hand around Duo’s waist.  He whispered in Duo’s ear.  “Everything looks good on you, Duo.  You’re still the same to me, whatever your hairstyle.  And that’s damned sexy.”


Duo flushed, but was obviously pleased.  Heero continued to breathe against his cheek.  Duo’s tongue slipped out and he moistened his lips.  “Of course, the hair’s one of the things that isn’t quite so thick nowadays…”


“And yet here’s something that always is.”  Heero’s other hand slipped down between them both and cupped Duo’s groin.


Duo yelped quietly, half laugh, half moan of desire.  “Those massage lessons working on you, too, Prof?”


Heero didn’t answer, but his hand started to rub gently up and down the sizeable swelling inside Duo’s jeans.  Duo sucked in a breath and arched against Heero’s body.  His arm tightened around Heero’s shoulders.  “Making out in the classroom, eh?”  He pressed his lips on to Heero’s and his tongue thrust into the other man’s mouth.  God…”


“Good as ever?” whispered Heero, his return kiss just as enthusiastic.


“Never more so,” Duo sighed back.  “Except now we have to worry about students returning to collect homework they forgot, or other teachers coming to ask you for help with the college network, or that weedy, barely-pubescent guy in the back row next to Newman who couldn’t keep his eyes off your groin all lesson.”


“Lock the door,” murmured Heero.  “Then kiss me again.  Then…”


“Home to bed?”


“Fuck that.”  Heero was grinning and his eyes glinted with something that wasn’t academic fervor.  “Over the desk, I’d say.  Drop your sweats and I’ll do you right here and now.”


Duo gasped, his face flushed.  “Is that homework?”


Heero caught his gaze.  For a moment they smiled at each other with their eyes, not needing more words, knowing each other in a way that can only come with time and steady, trusting familiarity.  “It’s happiness,” he said, softly.


“Good,” said Duo, nodding.  He grinned mischievously and reached for the hem of his tee shirt.  “And besides, I gotta love a younger guy!”