“I’m expecting you to be professional this time,” said Trowa. He looked over his desk at the two scowling agents in front of him and stifled a groan.

“I’ve never been anything else,” said Heero Yuy, through gritted teeth.

“I’m pissed you felt you had to raise that,” added Duo Maxwell, his full lips pursed tightly.

“Yeah,” sighed Trowa. “You said it. I had to raise it. Maybe because you were found fighting with Yuy last week, just after you rescued Beta team from the burning building.”

“He ignored my personal assessment of the mission. I was explaining the problem to him,” hissed Duo.

“With your hands around his throat?” said Trowa, coldly.

Duo flushed. “I’ll remind you it was faulty explosives from his department that brought the damned place down around Beta’s ears in the first place.”

“And I’ll remind you that I had already radioed in a totally adequate exit strategy,” Heero snapped back. “All of them got out safely.”

Trowa glared too, but at Heero this time. “Was it also part of that strategy, throwing Maxwell out of the window?”

Heero flushed as well. “I got them all out. He repeatedly disobeyed orders. He had to be removed bodily.”

Through the plate glass?” snapped Trowa.

Heero opened his mouth to protest then caught the look in his commanding officer’s eye and decided against it. He and Duo stood glowering at each other.

“One more chance,” warned Trowa. “For both of you. This is by no means the first time I’ve had to talk to you about this. I need you both on tomorrow’s mission, but I need you both on the same fucking side. Whatever it is between you, work it out, right?”

Heero frowned. Duo made a dismissive noise like a whistle.

“One more chance!” Trowa repeated. “Else there are other agents I can use – and those I can let go.” He strode towards the door, passing between them. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife, not that he had any intention at the moment of leaving them alone with any kind of sharp blade. He paused in the corridor outside and breathed a sigh of relief, but then frowned. Surely he’d be able to rely on them acting sensibly if he left them alone…? He’d left the door open behind him, so they were still in full view of the corridor – he’d checked all the fire alarms that morning and activated the direct line to Internal Security, should it be needed. He’d also removed any heavy metallic objects out of temptation’s way…

He shook his head at such ridiculous paranoia and went off to find a strong cup of coffee.

It’d be his third, and it wasn’t yet 10 am.


There was silence in the office as they both listened to Trowa’s steps fade into the distance. They heard the soft chime of the elevator, then the swish of the door as it opened and closed again on their departing boss.

“He’s due in the conference call at 10.30,” said Duo. He didn’t turn his head to look at Heero.

Heero grunted. His hands were still in fists at his side. “They all are. There’s no-one else on this floor until this afternoon when the ambassador is visiting to discuss security arrangements.”

“That’s what he wants us involved in tomorrow?”

Heero gave the curtest of nods. “We’ll be running the security this side of the city.”

“Together.” It wasn’t a question; Duo’s voice was clipped.

Heero didn’t even grunt this time. They both knew it was true.

Duo moved a step towards Heero and half turned towards him. “This whole thing is shit. I don’t need Trowa to haul my ass in here and tell me so.”

Heero raised his eyebrows. “I agree. The situation is intolerable. It has been for weeks.”

Their breath was shallow and they still held themselves very still.

“If you’d get the stick out your ass and listen to my suggestions for a change…” hissed Duo.

Heero snorted. “If you’d shut your mouth for more than thirty seconds and do what you’re told…”

Duo spun around completely to face him, his cheeks still flushed. “Maybe if you stopped trying to run the damned show every time, I would -”

“And if you’d let someone else’s ideas get a look in, we’d get a hell of a lot more achieved,” came Heero’s sharp reply. He took a step forward too, and his hand swung up from his waist.

Duo’s eyes widened with surprise; they glinted with challenge. “So come on then!”

Heero frowned. “What the hell -?”

“Hit me!” Duo leaned in to his colleague, his mouth contorted by a wide, grim grin. “That’s what you wanna do, isn’t it?”

“God, you’re stupid as well as insubordinate -” Heero began, and then Duo hit him, a straight, strong punch to the jaw. Heero rocked back on his heels and flung out a hand to the desk to try to regain his balance.

“Bastard!” he hissed and pushed himself off the desk so that he careered against Duo, tumbling them both back against the far wall. Duo’s head hit the wall with a crack that echoed up the corridor. His yell of pain was anguished and loud.

Heero reached up to take hold of Duo’s shoulders, but Duo grabbed at his wrists, trapping Heero’s arms in his grip. They tussled for a moment, then Heero tucked a boot around behind Duo’s calf and twisted him away from the wall. Duo stumbled slightly, but kept his balance, though his grip loosened on one of Heero’s wrists. Heero took the advantage, wrenching his arm away, then shoving at Duo’s hip with his free hand, slamming the other man back up against the wall.

“Sonofabitch!” Duo gasped, winded, but he barrelled back against Heero almost immediately, keeping his head down and twisting Heero’s arm around the other man’s back. When Heero cried out in protest, Duo pushed his leg in between Heero’s and forced Heero’s knee outwards. It was Heero’s turn to stumble and he went down on his knees to the floor. Duo crouched quickly, following him, and using the momentum of his body to lean on Heero and push him down even further on to the floor.

Heero fell back, sprawling, Duo landing heavily on top of him, chest to chest. They both grunted with the shock. Duo grabbed at Heero, trying to get a stranglehold; Heero gripped Duo’s hair at the nape of his neck and pulled – hard.

“Let the fuck go!” yelled Duo, his hands slipping on the sweat at Heero’s throat.

“Gonna make me?” growled Heero, breathlessly, twisting his face away from Duo’s grasp.

Duo got a sudden, firm purchase on Heero’s jaw, wrenched his fellow agent’s head back around and lowered his own head to meet it.

And kissed him.



Heero sucked in his breath, Duo’s mouth hard and fierce on his. Then he tightened his grip on Duo’s neck, lifted his head up from the floor and pushed back against the kiss. His tongue thrust in between Duo’s lips and teeth. There was a growling noise coming from the back of his throat that he scarcely recognised as his own voice.

Duo slid his hand away from Heero’s jaw and down between their joined bodies, down inside Heero’s regulation shirt. His fingertips found Heero’s nipple; it was erect. Duo gripped it and twisted, deliberately.

Heero’s muscles tightened across his chest and belly and he moaned. Duo hissed, and his tongue darted back into Heero’s mouth, distracting him with the taste of their combined saliva, sucking heavily on Heero’s tongue.

Heero slid his hand around Duo’s back and yanked Duo’s shirt out of his pants. Then he pushed his fingers down under Duo’s belt, down inside his similarly regulation pants.

Duo gave a strange, strangled noise. Heero’s finger probed down between his ass cheeks, as far as it could go at that angle, until it brushed against the rim of his asshole. Heero paused; he bunched the muscles of his arm and stretched further. His fingertip thrust inside Duo’s entrance.

Duo yelped, his back arching. He gripped the edges of Heero’s shirt and wrenched it apart, pulling it out of his waistband, losing a couple of buttons in the process. His own shirt rode up, exposing his belly, so that Heero’s bare skin was tight and hot against his own. He fumbled down between their bodies again and tugged Heero’s belt undone. One of his hands slipped inside the front of Heero’s pants; the other hauled the zipper down.

Heero was panting. He pushed at Duo, hard. Their hands yanked out of each other’s clothing, and Duo rolled off Heero and back on to the floor beside him with a thud.

“The door’s wide open,” hissed Heero. The sweat glistened on his bare torso; his nipples looked swollen.

Duo was panting, too. His belt had slipped undone and his pants were loose around his hips where Heero’s hand had been reaching for his ass. “Yeah,” he growled back. “Internal Security cameras are on standby, too.”

“So this stops right here,” Heero continued, gasping.

Duo turned his head and peered at him. “Yeah?”

There was an ominous glint in Heero’s eyes. “Yeah.” He rolled over and pulled himself up to his knees. His pants gaped open at the fly. Duo’s eyes flickered to the swelling under his briefs, then back up to Heero’s face. And he grinned.

“So – over the desk, then?”

And – surprisingly, maybe - Heero grinned back. “The corner by the filing cabinet…?”

Duo nodded. “… where the camera angle doesn’t reach. Gotcha.”

He hoisted himself back on to his feet just as Heero did the same. Suddenly the light in their eyes was less about anger and more about hunger.

Duo crossed the room to the far side of Trowa’s desk, his movements rather awkward because of his loosened pants. For a moment, he looked as if he were going to pull them back up, but he halted and turned to grin at Heero instead. He shrugged. The pants started to slide down his thighs. He wriggled as they caught up at his groin, then he caught Heero’s gaze and twisted his hips to dislodge them the rest of the way. They landed in a heap at his ankles. He tucked his thumbs into the waist of his briefs and pushed them down to follow. He raised his eyebrows at Heero and started to loosen the buttons of his shirt..

“Move!” hissed Heero. He sounded very hoarse. “You’re still in view.”

Duo took a single step back so that he was up against the edge of the desk, then hitched his ass up to sit on it. He was still hobbled with his pants and briefs around his feet, but he watched as Heero started to follow the same path across the room. Then he stretched his knees wider. He licked his lips.

Heero’s eyes darkened. He reached Duo in even fewer steps, pushing his body in between Duo’s legs. They tussled for a few seconds, Heero wrenching the pants off Duo’s left ankle so that his leg was free, Duo putting a hand back on the desk to anchor himself. Heero gripped Duo’s thighs with sweaty palms, and stared into Duo’s eyes. There was fever reflected there. From both of them.

“Okay?” Duo muttered. There was a flush on his face, bright and cheekbone-high. Between his legs his exposed cock had thickened, bobbing up against his inner thigh. “The cameras?”

“Fine.” Heero’s eyes had dropped to Duo’s groin. He released one of Duo’s thighs so that he could reach to push his own pants and briefs down off his hips, releasing his dick.

Down past Heero’s bare chest, Duo gazed at that in return.

“Make me…” he whispered. His next sound was almost guttural.

Heero reached forward to Duo’s half-naked chest, pushing him back down to lie in the desk. A solitary pencil rolled slowly off the far side. He hitched his hands under Duo’s thighs and pulled his legs apart, lifting them up to rest on his shoulders.

Duo’s head went back on the desk, his eyes staring at the slowly spinning ceiling fan. He chuckled hoarsely.

Heero wriggled even more closely into the harbour of Duo’s groin and reached one hand under Duo’s shifting balls. Duo sucked in a harsh breath. Heero prised a finger into him, then two. Duo’s hips started to fidget against the wooden table.


Duo started to nod, but Heero had already started to push into him. Duo hissed breath out through clenched teeth; Heero made a deep, low moan in the back of his throat. He made slow, deep thrusts into Duo, pulling Duo’s body back and forth over the desk. Duo grabbed awkwardly at his own cock and began to pump it.

“Gonna come… soon,” gasped Duo. “You… drive me beyond mad…” His back arched at a particularly fierce thrust. “Acting so smart… so precise…”

“The madness is mutual,” Heero grunted. “Like I said… it’s intolerable… watching you act the fool…” A rivulet of sweat ran down one of his temples. “So good…”

“But they mustn’t know…” Duo hissed. The muscles across his belly tensed and relaxed in rhythm with Heero’s fierceness.

Heero grunted in reply. “No. Not… professional. One of us… would be moved on. We just need to keep working on this…”

“…antagonism?” Duo snapped his hips up to meet Heero’s, making the dark-haired man groan loudly.

“…insubordination,” Heero gasped. His head went back as the pleasure gripped low in his gut.

“Yeah.” Duo reached up and gripped at Heero’s hips, his fingers biting into the flesh of Heero’s buttocks as he thrust. It pulled them even further against each other. “Gonna do all that together?”

Heero gave a grimace that could have been of pain or pleasure. “Together,” he groaned, nodding. One last thrust and the orgasm ripped through him, his body leaning forward in between Duo’s legs, his stomach rubbing against Duo’s painfully swollen cock. Duo jerked himself quickly, his hand squeezed between their bodies, his skin sliding with sweat. He spurted suddenly and fiercely all over his belly.

Heero leaned one hand on the desk at Duo’s side, supporting himself as his heartbeat slowed. Duo, panting, felt for the first time the discomfort of an eraser rolled under his right shoulder blade. When he stared back up at Heero, he met dark eyes still simmering with familiar passion.

“No more stick up my ass, right?” Heero whispered.

“Guess I’m letting your ideas get a look in, too.” Duo grinned.

They both laughed, very softly. Heero pulled slowly out of Duo, wincing as he left the tight channel, and stepped back. He pulled up his briefs and re-fastened his pants, gathering the edges of his shirt in an attempt to pull it back into order.

Duo peeled his sticky buttocks away from the wooden surface and let his legs fall back down to the floor. Slowly, he sat up.

“Clean up?” Heero murmured, his eyes on the sticky, glistening mess of come on Duo’s skin. His lips were moist.

“In a second,” Duo sighed. His legs felt too shaky for the moment to clamber straight back into his pants.

They stared at each other and grinned.

“Trowa may have left the sound on, you know,” Duo mused. The memory of Heero’s groans made his cock twitch again.

Heero’s eyes flickered for a second with warning, then he smirked, and shrugged in a very Duo-like manner. “He hasn’t done, not in the last six months.”

Duo nodded, tiredly. “True.” He bent an arm awkwardly over his shoulder and picked out a couple of loose staples embedded in the base of his hair. “But I’ll have to talk to him about his approach to the clean desk policy!”