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Whaddya think?” Duo struck a pose, head back, hand on hip, tilting up a foot to show off his new brown boots.

Heero peered over the top of the newspaper. “Fine?” he said, a little hesitantly.

Duo frowned. “I mean about the colour. Is it right for me?”

Heero grimaced. “I’m no fashion guru, Duo. I think you look good in brown.”

“But not all brown?” Duo still looked quizzical.

“Um…” Heero folded down the paper so he could take a better look at Duo’s outfit. “Well, that’s only the jacket. And brown leather is good.”

Duo gave a sigh and dropped the jacket back on a chair. “I thought it’d balance with the black jeans. Do you believe that old tale about brown and black will never come back?”

Heero stared. “I haven’t heard it.” He wanted to go back to the article on ‘Are night sweats serious?’ “And you have the blue tee shirt on, to break it up.”

Duo was still frowning. Heero looked back down at the paper – and an interesting questionnaire on ‘Why Virgos excel at sex, love and money’ - but he could feel Duo’s stare like a laser on the top of his head. “What’s up now?”

“Well, you know,” said Duo, biting his lip. Heero didn’t, but he knew to keep quiet in the face of Duo’s rhetoric. “It’s the green singlet on top. Blue and green should never be seen, right?”

Heero rolled his eyes. “Wrong. I never heard that, either. It looks good.” He didn’t feel that was emphatic enough, and he’d just caught sight of the tantalising headline ‘Gene May Help Spur Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’, so he rushed on, “It looks very good. I like you in those colours.”

Duo tilted his head to one side. “You do? Which one best?”

Heero felt as if he’d just snipped the red wire instead of the blue on a particularly messy explosive device. “Um… I don’t have any real favourites…”

Duo held his gaze, watching the flush rise on Heero’s neck. “The brown boots?” he said, softly, toeing them off. “The yellow socks?” He bent down and peeled them off with a dramatic flourish, first one, then the second. “The ancient Japanese wore a yellow chrysanthemum as a pledge of courage, you know.”

Heero gazed at the bare feet, the toes wriggling on the lounge carpet. “That’s good. Interesting.” The newspaper shook loosely in his grip.

Duo flipped the button of his jeans and slid down the zip. “Black jeans?” He hooked a thumb over the waistband then teased at the hem of his shirt with his other hand. “Or the green? A healing colour: the colour of nature.” He crossed his arms and peeled the singlet up off his torso.

“That’s… good, too.” Heero was floundering. He felt unusually hot for the time of year, his attention slipping away from an article entitled ‘When Good Cholesterol goes Bad’. He’d caught a glimpse of the tight muscles on Duo’s belly, the skin browned from their last trip to the beach.

Duo shrugged, a graceful, sensual movement. He snagged the blue tee shirt up on one side, scratching absentmindedly at his hip. “Blue can be very relaxing, they say. And the colour of love, that’s why brides wear something blue on their wedding day.”

Heero nodded: he didn’t feel able to do anything more articulate. He watched as Duo peeled the tee shirt off, too, stretching his bare arms high and his neck from side to side. Duo yawned, gently: a bead of sweat glinted on his nude torso. Heero saw the bob of his throat as he swallowed, and the gentle clench of his biceps. Duo glanced down at him, eyes hot underneath his lashes. “Heero?”

Purple,” said Heero in a rush. His voice sounded hoarse: he didn’t know where the words were coming from but it felt like somewhere deep down in his groin. “I like you in purple.”

Duo nodded, smiling. “The colour of royals: loved by Cleopatra. Helps develop the imagination. Richard Wagner’s colour of inspiration.” He tucked both thumbs back into his waistband and lowered his jeans. They crumpled in a pile of denim on the lounge floor and Duo stepped carefully out of them.

“Purple boxers,” sighed Heero. He’d been wondering if he’d get to finish the article on ‘How many American seniors have an active sex life’ but suddenly it didn’t seem to matter.

“Heero?” Duo was grinning as Heero pushed away from the table, the newspaper fluttering to the floor and his chair falling backwards. “You’re looking kinda red yourself…”

“Brain Chemicals linked to Arousal Triggers,” muttered Heero, nothing but a blur of headlines in his memory by now. He took several steps towards Duo, his hands reaching out for the last item of clothing on his lover’s body. “Be Creative in the Bedroom – Stay Physically and Emotionally Connected…”

Duo laughed, happily, as he darted out of the lounge and started running for the open bedroom door. “You gotta catch me first!”