By daimeryan_rei





"Duo. Let it go, Duo."


"Duo... let. it. go. Hand it over to me."

"I told you... no!"

He licked his lips. Sweat formed on his forehead, slowly sliding down, and he blinked a few times to keep the moist out of his eyes. His hands were tight around his gun, cocked and loaded.

"I am not going to say it again, Duo. Hand it over to me!"

"No! Get your own goddamned banana!"

Heero growled. He had him cornered, that sneaky thief, that little bastard that always stole half of his lunch before he had the opportunity to sit down and eat properly! Most of his colleagues had just shrugged or said "I dunno" when Heero had asked, sometimes in outrage, sometimes in deadly calmness, who had been tampering with his lunch. To find out that it was his closest colleague, the one he even shared an apartment with...

"It is my banana, Duo. Mine! Stop stealing my lunch!"

Duo simply smirked and waved the offending fruit in front of Heero's face. He had wedged himself between the file cabinets, thinking that Heero couldn't find him here; well, that had been a stupid thought of course, Heero had the nose of a blood hound and the determination of an ant. Amused, even though he had propped himself up in a very cramped position, he wrapped his fingers around the banana and started to peel it a little off.

"Stop doing that, Duo! I swear, I am going to kill you!"

"Who's going to pay half of the rent next month then, huh?" Duo said, but he kept an eye on the gun anyway. Heero was kinda trigger-happy, and maybe he went too far this time...

"Why are you stealing my lunch anyway? There are plenty of bananas back home, you could have eaten a pound of them before we left for work!"

He took a few steps closer, eyeing the fiend meticuously. Duo was nifty, and he was an ex-Gundam pilot... he had hide out rather obviously, but still.. Duo had more surprises up his sleeve than he could think of. All he wanted was his banana back.

Duo peeled the banana verrrry slowly. "You know, Yuy, as roommates and as colleagues, we share a rather large part of life, and.."

"You forgot your own lunch again, didn't you? Didn't you?"

"Sheesh! Don't be so uptight. Maybe you should remove the banana from your ass before accusing me!"

"I do not have a banana up my ass!"

"I can take care of that," Duo grinned and rolled out of his hiding place, tackling Heero to the floor by swiping his legs out from under him. He almost fired the gun out of reflex, but flailed with his arms to lower the impact - Heero's mind was racing, how could Duo be so fast?

He ended up on the floor, but before he could hit his head, Duo caught him, fingers sliding in his hair, while his other hand propped the banana in his mouth.

"Here you have your fucking banana, Heero," he said and beamed at him. "Right in your mouth. Now about the one in your ass..."

One day, he would tell Duo to stop with the corny double entendres. One day he would tell Duo to stop being so raunchy and vulgar. But today wasn't the day for that, and this certainly wasn't the moment, and he almost forgot to chew on his banana, the fruit muffling his low moans as Duo pawed all over his body.