This is where I'll post some original fiction, please let me know if you enjoy any of it.  Not a lot to show at the moment, but it's an area I'm increasingly interested in.  There's a great excitement and freedom in creating your own worlds and characters.

NOTE as of FEB 2007:
I've started up a new website for my original slash fiction, so I won't be posting any more here from now on.  However, I won't take any of these existing fics down for the time being - and I hope you'll come and visit me at the new site

The themes and content here are varied, and I'll post appropriate warnings and explanations against each.

See Gold Warrior and the Blood & Soot arc for more complete work that I've already done.

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atch the WARNINGS! because   citrus abounds...


The following 3 stories now available in ebook at Eternal Press, in my anthology entitled MASQUERADE.





Precious Possession 
from the
Yaoi Con 2005 Anthology.

Lucas is young, successful and beautiful - and his initiation will be pursued as a great prize.  His hungry dreams have told him so...
Victorian England setting, m/m, drama, angst
Artwork by helm


Winner of the Moderator's Choice in the
Uniquely Pleasurable original slash contest 2005.

“He’s nothing but a boy,” I said, sourly. 
My head hurt from the night before; there’d been heavily spiced food at the Council festival and excessive wine, rich as bull’s blood.  I’d felt lethargic all day, though that was to be expected after the overnight attentions of an enthusiastic bedmate – or three.  The sun had passed the mid-day point hours ago, and I had a grain-trade meeting set for early evening, but at the moment I doubted I’d bother to turn up. 
It wouldn’t be the first time I’d skipped my pompous Council duties as Chancellor.

AU, drama, m/m.
Written to accompany the beautiful picture 'Heron's Feathers' by kiriko-moth (click icon for full version).

See all the entries in a special archive on kiriko-moth's site.



from the
Yaoi Con 2006

Mori's tapestry is uniquely beautiful, but his devotion to it is a strange, consuming obsession.   It may be stronger than his love for the man who awakens his more earthly desires.
Pre-Victorian England setting, m/m, drama, angst, supernatural.
Artwork by agnes





~~~~other original fiction~~~~

Just smut... a moment of male self-satisfaction.
PWP, m/m


Doctor's Orders
Some just want to wallow in their sickness - some want to nurse them out of it.
Smut, humour, m/m.


Six of the Best 
This was a short story published
in an e-zine 'Velvet Mafia' in Nov 2005, written under my pen name of Reven Maxwell. 
PLEASE NOTE it's totally original and (in my opinion) is considerably darker than anything else here on the site.    

See the link for the e-zine and its other fiction here .

    visitors to my original fiction - all welcome!