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This original novel is now on sale at
DreamSpinner Press .
I'll be thrilled if any of you buy or and/or read it, this is a marvellous step forward for me!!

Maen is a Gold Warrior, a defender of Aza City, a world controlled by the Queen and her womankind where the best of men are maintained for the military and the women's  pleasure. A favorite of his imperious Mistress and a leader among his men, Maen is too cautious to seek casual sexual satisfaction and so stays alone, taking his comfort in ensuring a stable and controlled world. That world is thrown into disarray by Dax, a bold and challenging new Bronze soldier who excites Maen with his fierce hero worship and leads them to a forbidden affair. They find themselves thrown together in a dangerous and hostile environment without the support of the City and far away from their loyalties, and Maen finds himself risking everything for Dax – his position; his loyalties; and eventually, his life.

Even more exciting, I'm writing a sequel to it, and that should be published too, later in 2008.

I'll keep you all posted of developments!  Many, many thanks to anyone who's supported my novel writing in the past, and please feel free to email me if you want to know how it's all coming along.

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I wrote this novel for the NaNoWriMo challenge in November 2004 - 50,000 words in a month, quantity over quality! - and then returned to it, to knock it into shape as a completed novella.  The idea of Maen and Dax's world was created in a dream, and I enjoyed building around it in reality.

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