1=2, drabble, for natea who’s just moved, and link_worshiper who’s about to, and inspired me with her cheerful post to write!

“I found it!” Duo announced cheerfully.

Heero peered out into the corridor from the front door of his apartment, watching Duo dart back and forth through the door next to his. “Found what?”

The box!” Duo’s smile was broad and he waved his hands about a lot. Heero was fascinated by the way he showed every expression so… uninhibitedly.


Duo rolled his eyes, still smiling. “You know? That box of assorted crockery that I thought had got lost in the move. With the red saucers and the Peanuts mugs. And the spork.”

Spork?” Heero could hear the strains of the Twilight Zone music in his head.

“A spoon-cum-fork,” Duo explained. He used exaggerated care with the words, as if talking to a disadvantaged soul. “You use them on camping trips. Usefulness in a single implement. That’s the only cutlery I bother to pack when I move.”

“You move a lot,” said Heero, thoughtfully. The thought of uprooting all his belongings every few months made his stomach lurch.

Duo nodded, happily. “Exciting, right? The jobs never seem to last longer than a few months, though I’m looking for more permanent stuff, it’s just the industry at the moment, it’s kinda contracting…” He took a deep breath and started again. “Anyway, I meet a whole new bunch of friends each time. A new start… fresh surroundings…”

Heero was nodding as if he understood when he noticed that Duo had gone quiet. “Are you OK? Do you need help with your stuff?”

Duo’s eyes looked suddenly rather wide and weird. “No, thanks. I mean… yes. Maybe. Have I been annoying you, gabbling away, moaning about my work and things, regaling you with my life story? I mean, we only just met…”

Heero blinked hard. “No, no problem. I’ve learned what a spork is, just like I’ve learned not to pack barbeque tongs in the same box as anything delicate, and which left turn across town is so sharp that if you’re sitting with a drawer unit behind you in the van you may be decapitated -”

Duo started to laugh. “Yeah, I have been annoying you.”

“No,” said Heero, quickly. He wasn’t usually so chatty himself, really, but he was quite enjoying pottering in and out of his quiet, tidy apartment and sharing in Duo’s more chaotic moving adventures. “It’s been fun.”

Duo raised his eyebrows. “It’s not always exciting, you know.”


The moving.” Duo sighed. He dropped the couple of bags he’d been carrying on to the doorstep, huffing like they weighed more than they actually did. He suddenly looked weary. “To be honest, I’d appreciate the chance to settle properly. I’m hoping this time the job will work out… this seems like a cool part of town. It’d be good to get some routine: not just meet new friends, but keep ‘em. You know?”

Heero watched the worried expressions flicker across Duo’s face and thought, yes, he did know. He thought things, but Duo said them, most expressively. Heero had enjoyed listening to his voice. He also thought he’d really like to watch the patterns of life sparking to life on Duo’s face for hours at a time. Maybe for even longer.

“The offer to help still stands,” he said. “With the moving in.”

Duo was looking back at him, a smile returning to his face. “Thanks. But it’s hardly worth unpacking some of this stuff -”

“Yes it is,” said Heero, firmly. He came out of his room and held out his hand to take Duo’s. “Because this time, maybe you’ll stay.”