For lilzazu, here’s to a safe journey and talk to you again sooooon!

Duo pushed the open book off his face and blinked sleepily into the dimly lit bedroom. “Huh? Heero, is that you?”

A shadowy figure by the side of the bed stiffened suddenly. And coughed self-consciously.

Duo yawned. He stretched out his arms and felt the mattress bounce comfortably underneath him. “Hell, looks like I fell asleep over that damned book again. What time is it?” He wriggled experimentally and found he was still fully clothed. One leg of his sweat pants had got twisted under his calf and he knew he’d have an attractive seam mark all the way around his leg when he took them off.

“It’s midnight. Sorry I woke you.” Heero’s silhouetted body leant over the bed – and over Duo - and he sniffed.

Sniffed. Puzzled, Duo wondered if he was still half-asleep and hallucinating. Maybe the cheese-topped toasted cheese sandwich with the side plate of mozzarella that he’d had for a snack was to blame…

“Duo,” Heero whispered. “Did you find anything in here?”

Duo shrugged, pulling himself up on to his elbows on the bed. “What do you mean? I just crashed out here, waiting for you to finish work tonight. You mean the clean bedding? It’s my turn to make the bed and you’re trying that not-so-subtle reminder again…?”

“No…” Heero sounded uncertain. He moved his head from side to side as if looking around the room. “Nothing like that. Something more specific.”

Duo frowned. As he watched, Heero leant even further over him, peering into the gloom at the head of the bed. And sniffed again.

Duo didn’t know what the hell was going on, but then he’d come to expect that in the weird and wonderful World of Yuy. “Heero, what’s this all about? Do you mean that slipper I thought next door’s dog had eaten? The Goofy pyjamas I got you last winter and you ungratefully tried to sneak out in last month’s charity bag without me seeing?” He smirked and slipped his hand around Heero’s arm, the one that was bracing his lover’s body over the bed. “Or are you implying something more specific like… sexual bliss? Come here, you horny workaholic guy, and I’ll remind you exactly how you find that…”

Heero coughed and moved his arm away towards the foot of the bed, out of Duo’s reach. “In a minute. Wait a minute.” Now he seemed to be peering around in the area of Duo’s feet. “Umm…did you open anything?”

Duo frowned, irritated. He’d woken with a deep, aching warmth between his legs, yet here he was, Mr Hard-On, with Heero playing Mr Hard-To-Get. At least toasted cheese had reactions you could rely on. “Open anything? Like what? The door? A window? Hostilities on a rampant enemy nation?”

Heero coughed again. “Stupid. I meant, did you open a box. Or anything.” He was moving around the bed, pressing on the edges of the mattress and sniffing again.

“What’s your problem?” Duo sighed. “I took a shower when I got in, you know.” The mattress sprang back up where Heero had leant his hand and Duo shifted his legs awkwardly. He wished he hadn’t mentioned the word ‘rampant’. He was finding it rather arousing, watching Heero’s body, lithe and muscular, leaning over him, moving around in the dark with stealth and mystery…

Though he reserved judgement on the sniffing thing.

Heero shook his head, Duo could see the dark hair falling over his forehead. “No, Duo, I don’t mean you smell… well… no, I don’t mean that.”

“What are you going on about then?”

Heero snorted. “I’m just asking, that’s all. There’s an aroma… there’s something in the room.” He sat down on the bed, his hip nudging against Duo’s.

Duo pulled himself up to sitting, biting back a worried sigh. After all, there’d been that time when Heero had been on the borders of paranoia; when the slightest rustle of leaves had him crouching on the attack; when Duo would find any unfamiliar post doused in a bucket of water in case it was explosive; when even Duo’s unexpected hands on him in the night had caused a cry of anger rather than passion –

“Take that look off your face,” Heero growled. Even in the dark, Duo could see he was blushing. “I’m good. It’s just that I have very sensitive smell…”

“It’s the remains of supper,” Duo stated. When Heero shook his head, he sighed again. “OK, then, you’ve got me. I’ve been baking the Christmas cake, you weren’t meant to know, it’s a surprise. But hey, I may have gone a little overboard on the brandy…”

Heero smiled. He leant in against Duo’s shoulder and his cheek nuzzled the other boy’s. “It’s not that. I already smelt that in the kitchen. It’s great.”

Duo tilted his head, savouring the pressure of Heero’s head against his. “So this aroma… it’s bad?”

Heero shook his head again and turned his face so that his mouth brushed Duo’s jaw. “Oh no, far from it.”

Duo shivered happily with the feel of his lips on his skin. Mr Hard-On was almost fully awake now. “It’s good, then? It’s not the spaghetti I burnt on to the pan last week, or the soda I dropped down behind the boiler, or where next door’s cat got locked in our lobby, then got scared by your monstrous temper and peed on the lounge carpet?”

Heero started to laugh. It made his body shake. Duo slipped a hand around his waist and pulled him tightly against him. For anchorage, you understand. He didn’t have any specific reason for also nosing against Heero’s neck, except that he liked to lick that little hollow just below the ear just so

Heero gasped. “I can smell it, though. It’s really… “

“Smelly?” Duo murmured, and licked the tip of Heero’s nose.

Heero sighed. “All right, I owe you an explanation. I thought you’d found and opened something I got you for Christmas.” The room was still half dark, but Duo could feel the heat on his lover’s cheeks. “Some cologne. It’s meant to make you smell…”

“Like burnt spaghetti?”

Heero frowned. “No, of course not. Irresistible. It says you’ll smell… its name is… Irresistible.”

Duo smiled to himself. “And so you thought you could smell that already? What are you telling me, Heero?” He licked – very gently – along the path of Heero’s throat. “Are you telling me the cologne is irresistible? Or is it me?”

Heero coughed again. His throat felt too tight in much the same way as his pants did. “Dear God. I thought I could smell… something. Something very good… very delicious… very….” Duo tugged him and he fell on to the bed on top of him.

“Irresistible,” he gasped. “Yes, it’s you.” Then his mouth found Duo’s and for a short while he couldn’t get any words out around Duo’s tongue, but that didn’t really matter because conversation seemed to be a long way down his list of priorities.

“Now it’s my confession time,” Duo whispered into his ear. He sniffed along the side of Heero’s jaw, his nose tickling into the hairs at the nape of his neck. “I got you some of that cologne, too.”

“What?” Heero tried to shift up, to glare down at Duo, but was rather inhibited by Duo’s hand down the front of his pants, then Duo’s tongue in his ear, and then Duo’s fingers opening his shirt rather impatiently and Duo’s nose sniffing a path down his chest…

Heero sucked in his belly as the delight shivered down his body like it had its own fingers running alongside Duo’s, flipping open Heero’s pants. “But I didn’t find yours – I haven’t opened yours.”

“You always smell irresistible,” murmured Duo, his lips making the shape of words on Heero’s belly. Then he muttered something that sounded like ‘Taste like it, too,” but it was difficult to tell because he’d gone down on Heero’s cock with enthusiasm and a wide, wet mouth and Heero had arched up on the bed with a gasping cry. He flung his arm across the mattress and something rolled off the bed on to the floor with a thump. Something sweet wafted through the air.


Duo mumbled some more, Heero’s cock bumping greedily on his bottom lip. “I only used a bit. Had to try it out. Might have smelled like cat’s pee.”

“Duo!” Heero twisted suddenly, with surprising strength, grabbing Duo by the shoulders and rolling him underneath him. “I didn’t think we needed it. You said I always smelled irresistible.”

Duo chuckled. “And you said the irresistible smell was me alone.”

Heero started to laugh, too, which set up a very delicious vibration from his cock to Duo’s, where they nudged against each other’s groin. Heero slipped his hands inside the waist of Duo’s pants and tugged them down.

“It’s all true,” sighed Duo, thrusting his hips up towards Heero and any part of his lover’s anatomy that he could reach, be it hand, mouth or delicious frottage. “You are irresistible, with or without it.”

Heero smirked. “And here I was, hoping you weren’t going to play hard to get!”